With the death of King Falion IV, his son – the newly crowned King Dalus II – takes the throne of Eulaira at the tender age of 16. Mixed with the demise of his older brother, Prince Gerud, the young monarch is woefully underprepared for his new role. Many members of the court worry for their country’s fate in the hands of one so young and inexperienced. With regular raiding parties coming from the Westlands and growing unrest in the vassal state of Salosum these are justifiable concerns. Some, however, see this as their opportunity to advance their standing by taking advantage of the new King’s uncertainty and trust. His advisors are limited to merely his mother and sister, and neither will be of much help when the inevitabilities of war and strife come to the doorstep; he will be forced to turn to someone. What’s more, it is well-known that Dalus still seeks a suitable bride to make queen and sure heirs. Every Duke and Duchess is well-aware of the political advantages of a marriage between the King and a daughter of the family would give them over their rivals. Still, there are those who would keep the young King safe from the cruel intentions of his courtiers and see that the royal line remains strong and intact. So, my lord, it must be asked: where do you stand?

For Crown and Country